Fabric Sofa Cleaning Method


Fabric sand has now become an indispensable home enviro […]

Fabric sand has now become an indispensable home environment embellishment, because of its fabric and color diversity by the vast number of consumers love. Compared to a leather sofa, a cloth sofa difficult to clean has been a problem that can not be ignored. In the end how can a reasonable cleaning and maintenance of fabric sofa, there are the following methods:

There are two kinds of cloth sofa, one is removable another is immovable. Under normal circumstances, an immovable sofa is more difficult to take care of. So first of all we understand the non-removable fabric sofa cleaning method.

1. dust clean: first with a vacuum cleaner cloth sofa cloth dust, and then gently wipe with a towel. Remember not a lot of water scrub, so that water infiltration into the sofa inside the frame caused by moisture, deformation, sand cloth shrink.

2. coffee and other colored drinks clean: If it is coffee and other drinks drop into the sofa cloth set, and immediately take a towel dipped in warm water, the beverage from the soft cloth to suck out, and the sooner the better treatment.

3. the surface with flannel cloth sofa clean: brush with a small brush dipped in a little dilution of alcohol sweep again, and then dry hair dryer, in case of fruit juice stains, with a little soda powder and water and mix thoroughly, and then rubbed with a cloth Wipe, stains can also be cleared.

Then it is about the removable fabric sofa, this kind of sofa cleaning up is relatively easy to point, which is easy to clean the place. Cotton fabric sofa clean can be low-temperature washing, but try not to use washing machine cleaning, can not use bleach cleaning to avoid fading. The advantages of a jacquard cloth sofa is not easy to fade, machine washable. However, if the fabric to add artificial cotton, rayon, etc., must be dry cleaning. It should be noted that regardless of the printed cloth or jacquard cloth, when the composition of the fabric for the hemp, wool, and other shrinkable natural fibers, they can only dry cleaning.