Dining Room Chairs Play A Vital Role


Dining room chairs play a vital role in the dining room […]

Dining room chairs play a vital role in the dining room. How they look and fit in the room is important, but it's also imperative that they be comfortable. Here are some things you need to know about dining room chairs before you buy.

Chair Sizes

are usually 30" high while the standard seat height of dining room chairs is 18". This distance between the seat height and table surface makes it comfortable for most people to sit but always test out tables and chairs together before buying. Some tables have aprons around the edges that come down and can make sitting on a standard chair uncomfortable.
If you're purchasing a table bring one of your existing chairs to the store to try them together. If you're buying chairs and already own a table ask the store if they have an approval policy that allows you take home one of the chairs without committing so that you can try it out.
As a general rule the back of the chair should be higher than the table surface. How much higher is up to you.

Dining Room Chair Styles

There are so many different styles of dining room chairs that it would be impossible to name them all, but there are a few that are particularly common. Queen Anne, Regency, Windsor, Mid-Century , Chippendale, and Thonet styles are all common and can frequently be found in stores. Also very popular are Parsons chairs, which are simple and streamlined and very easy to upholster or slipcover. But these aren't the only options.
It's not uncommon to see upholstered armchairs, club chairs and even wing chairs at either end of a dining room table. Nor is it uncommon to see upholstered chairs all around the table.

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Upholstered dining room chairs add softness, comfort and style to the room. If you decide to use them think hard about what goes on in your dining room before settling on a fabric. If you have kids that spill a lot you might want to consider a patterned fabric that can hide stains. Another good alternative is leather, which can be wiped up fairly easily.
Keep in mind that you can also use slipcovers. They can be used to cover upholstered or unupholstered chairs and can be a very practical solution since they can be tossed in the washing machine when dirty. They're also great because they can quickly and easily change the look of the room.