What are the selection techniques for leisure tables and chairs?


1. Choose according to the material. When choosing a ba […]

1. Choose according to the material. When choosing a balcony table and chair set, mainly look at its material. If your living environment is wet and rainy, you should choose Teslin folding tables and chairs, cast aluminum tables and chairs. The tables and chairs of this kind are not afraid of rain; if the weather Very good every day, bright sun, do not choose solid wood or real rattan tables and chairs, solid wood or real vines in the sun for a long time, will rise sharply, will lead to solid wood cracking or true vine break, should use environmentally friendly wood or rattan Table and chair, weather resistance, temperature resistance is stronger.

2. Purchase according to spatial planning. Outdoor balcony tables and chairs, as the name implies, means that we do not have to follow the indoor furniture configuration and decoration when purchasing furniture. Instead, we should choose the balcony furniture that is coordinated with the size according to the actual space of the balcony, so whether it is an open-air large garden. If you are still a small balcony, you should try to stay a little more walking space, and the balcony tables and chairs should also be determined according to the actual situation, in order to meet your own needs. The small space can be placed with foldable tables and chairs. When you open the table and chair, you can put it away when you don't need it. The larger space can choose the table and chair of different materials according to your own preferences.

3, according to the brand to buy. There are many brands of balcony tables and chairs on the market today, but some brands are actually indoor furniture brands, and their production standards, specifications, materials and other requirements are not as high as outdoor furniture.