Best Material For Sun Lounger


Garden sun loungers are a must for garden lounging, and […]

Garden sun loungers are a must for garden lounging, and there’s nothing better than taking a nap in the sun at the weekend before firing up the barbie and enjoying a few cold beers. When considering which garden sun loungers are best for you, material is a big factor.

Whether wood, metal or plastic - choose materials that suit you best.

Wood is generally more robust but it's will also heavier, making your lounger more difficult to move.

Some loungers also come with removable cushions or a fabric seat for a higher price.

Make sure you compare the costs as it might be cheaper to buy a simpler sun lounger and accessories separately.

A frame made from steel tubing is easy to lift, fold and move in and out of the shade. It's usually the cheapest option too, although such frames can feel a little flimsy.

Non-folding wooden loungers offer a more solid base and better back support; they can also be more weather-resistant, especially if you go for a hardy wood like teak or eucalyptus.

Rattan used to be a popular material in the sun lounger stakes, but it doesn't fare well against the elements: if you like the look, go for a rattan-effect frame made from synthetic fibres for lounger longevity.